The cold North in the warm Sorrento

31 Luglio 2016 destination wedding

Hakon and Therese, a beautiful Norvegian couple, get married here in Italy, the home of elegance with characteristic tones. They choose the bright and warm Sorrento, in the harmonious south that extends itself in a “sea” of authenticity. Therese is getting ready in a decorated ceramic context, she is tall and elegant woman and her regal beauty invades the scents of citrus in a June day.

The ceremony is sets up on the roof terrace with breathtaking views of Villa Antiche Mura. Finn awaits intrepid with a serene smile to marry her forever. Under a wide arch of flowers they exchange rings and sweet promises. Cathrine, the extraordinary Norvegian wedding planner of Bryllupsbyraaet Agency, shows us her set up for a joyful and refined wedding between the gently of a stretched sea and the movingly speeches of the guests.

Women In Wedding shoot a lovely couple, alternating a reportage taste from the immaculate touch of the lights of a wonderful evening, between candles and lanterns that they paint the end of this memorable day, capturing couple images happy and solar.

fotografo matrimonio como

fotografo matrimonio como

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